Mock Interview / preparations

I decided to gather some useful links that could be handy during your next interview preparation. Here I decided to share my own thoughts and links to the particular resource. The same thing could be found on GitHub here. Happy coding!

Mark Description
🆓 Fully free.
🆓 / 💰 Much free contents, but has some premium content for the extra money.
💰 / 🆓 Mainly paid content, but has some free.
💰 Fully paid content.

Coding Interview University (GitHub) 🆓

Coding-interview-university. Good resource, have very long list of advices on what to read and how to prepare for your coding AND System Design interview.

InterviewBit 🆓

InterviewBit. A self-paced tutorial like a resource on preparation for coding, system design AND have a mock interview feature. Contains many problems for different companies.

LeetCode 🆓 / 💰

LeetCode. Many challenges, problems for solving. Have a bonus system. You could spend money and buy a premium subscription for mock interviews and premium problems.

InterviewCake 💰 / 🆓

InterviewCake. This resource is about coding practice, but it differs from others. The main focus here is to give you a basic intuition on how to address the particular problem.

System Design Primer (GitHub) 🆓

System Design Primer. A great resource on how to deal with system design interviews. Contains different use cases and real world experience. Highly recommend to review it.

HiredInTech 🆓

HiredInTech Guys are doing a great job on advising and use cases for system design interviews. Definitely, recommend spending some time here.

Technical Mock Interview 💰

Technical Mock Interview. The main focus is mock interviews and with detailed feedback.

Pricing: $80 per session OR $340 for 5 session package.

Gainlo 💰

Gainlo. The main focus is mock interviews. Also, they have a good blog on general advices on how to deal with interviews.
Pricing: $50-$130 per interview based on the interviewer, interview type, industry, etc.

System Design Interview 💰

System Design Interview. Very concentrated course. Many use cases, examples. Highly recommend it before preparation. After a couple of years of design, you will definitely find something new for you.
Pricing: a whole course for ~ $79.